Leaders in Satellite Topography for Mining and Energy


PhotoSat has invented a process that generates the world’s most accurate satellite topographic mapping. This engineering quality data shortens timelines and eliminates surveying delays in all phases of resource and engineering projects. Our clients are using satellite topography as a cost-effective alternative to ground surveying and airborne LiDAR mapping.

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Oil & Gas

From seismic planning to facilities design, our 30cm accuracy topographic surveys improve engineering plans, reduce field risks, and identify and reconcile survey blunders. Learn more.


Highly accurate topographic data is essential for the exploration, development, and production phases of mining projects. Improve feasibility studies, confirm drill collar locations, and accurately measure volume changes at open pit mines. Learn more.

Oil Sands

Oil sands mining and tailings engineers use 15cm accuracy biweekly satellite topographic data to map sand dumps, mature fine tailings, mine pits, stockpiles and access roads. Learn more.

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