What do PhotoSat surveys cost?


Typical operating mine site surveys cost $13,000 US per survey.

To survey operating mines to an accuracy of 15cm, PhotoSat commissions a satellite constellation to take stereo photographs of the mine site. These can be taken twice monthly, monthly, quarterly or “on demand”.

The pit, tailings, stock piles, leach pads and other operating areas of most mines fit within a 25 km2 area. Survey grids and precision ortho photo for a mine of this size costs approximately $13,000 US.

Surveying larger mine sites will cost more.

PhotoSat surveys several mines where the operating areas extend well beyond 100 km2.  Larger mines benefit from economies of scale.

Typical 1,000 km2 oil and gas project survey costs are $140,000 US.

PhotoSat has surveyed most of the producing oil fields in Iraq and many of the development projects in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The typical cost of a 1,000 km2 PhotoSat survey accurate to better than 20cm in elevation is $140,000 US.

For the majority of these projects, PhotoSat used the seismic source and receiver surveys from the oil company’s existing seismic surveys for the ground reference.  This saves the time and cost of new ground control surveys to reference the PhotoSat survey.  This also ensures that the PhotoSat survey exactly matches the seismic survey locations.

Historical tracking of earth works construction projects costs as little as $6,000 US per month.

Many earth works projects such as hydro dams and mine tailings dams require historical data sets that can be used to objectively and independently verify the project construction history.

For construction tracking, PhotoSat acquires a regular set of stereo satellite photos of the project.  The stereo satellite photos are checked for quality and archived.  PhotoSat can then produce survey data for any area and time period on short notice, as required.

Costs for acquiring a historical stereo satellite photo archive can be as little as $6,000 US per month even for a relatively large project.  The cost of producing surveys “on demand” for the required areas will depend on the size of the survey area required.

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