What do PhotoSat surveys cost?


There are several factors which determine the cost of a PhotoSat survey. One of the prime factors is the availability of suitable satellite photos. PhotoSat works with many satellite operators and costs vary.

PhotoSat surveying for operating mines

PhotoSat surveying of operating mines usually requires that we commission a satellite constellation to collect photos of the mine site. These can be arranged on a twice monthly, monthly, quarterly or “on demand” basis.
The cost of a survey depends on the size of the mine. Most of the operating mines PhotoSat surveys fit within a 100 sq km satellite photo. Within the satellite photo area we can survey any size area. Frequently the pit, tailings, stock piles, leach pads and other operating areas of the mine fit within a 25 sq km area. To survey and produce DEMs of this size, including the satellite photo collection, costs approximately $13k USD.
PhotoSat surveys several mines where the operating areas extend well beyond 100 sq km. Larger mines benefit from economies of scale however surveys for them do cost more.

For an additional cost PhotoSat surveying can be delivered in multiple formats, with several different projections (including custom mine co-ordinate systems). PhotoSat can also provide outlines of waterbodies, and toes and crests (break lines), for selected areas of the survey.

Please contact PhotoSat to obtain a detailed cost proposal for your mine.

PhotoSat monitoring for Civil works programs

For civil works projects such as hydro dams, mine development projects, road construction etc. PhotoSat can arrange that regular stereo satellite photos are acquired. These are then checked for quality but no surveying is generated from them at that time. The fact that the client owns the images means that surveying can be produced at any time in the future, anywhere in the image area. Costs for monitoring can be as little as $6k USD per month even for a relatively large project.

PhotoSat surveying for Oil and Gas development projects

Oil and Gas development projects frequently cover areas of several 100 sq km (25,000 acres +), sometimes covering 1000’s of sq km.

For engineering level planning of seismic surveys, well sites, pipelines, roads and other infrastructure PhotoSat can survey the entire project area or subsets of it. If suitable archive photos exist PhotoSat can often produce basic surveying in large areas for less than USD $100 per sq km. If no archive images exist PhotoSat can acquire new satellite photos at a slightly higher cost.

For larger areas or applications such as Geological targeting PhotoSat can produce lower accuracy, lower resolution mapping at costs in the range of USD $25 per sq km.

PhotoSat surveying for Mining Exploration, drill collar surveying and NI 43-101 resource estimates

Mining exploration areas can cover areas of several 100’s to even several 1000’s of sq km.

PhotoSat surveying is used For NI 43-101 feasibility studies accurate topography for drill collar locations and other planning or geology related activities. PhotoSat can produce surveys cover the entire project area or subsets of it. If suitable archive images exist PhotoSat can often produce surveying in large areas for less than USD $100 per sq km. If no archive images exist PhotoSat can acquire new images at a slightly higher cost.

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