PhotoSat uses Two Satellites for Regional and Property Mapping

PhotoSat uses two satellites (WorldView-3 and ASTER) for both the regional and property mapping of alteration minerals that are often used as prospecting guides for epithermal gold and silver and porphyry copper exploration.  

Satellites can reliably map and detect small and accurate zones of alteration minerals in a variety of terrains. PhotoSat’s satellite surveying methods are not subject to the requirements of ground crew. We do not have to comply with any requirement, anywhere globally, to acquire permits to procure satellite photos. Consequently, PhotoSat can survey everywhere in the world without additional timing delays that these issues can often present.

WorldView-3 is the Best Option for Property Scale Mapping

With our Property Scale Mineral Mapping package, PhotoSat utilizes the WorldView-3 (WV3) satellite, equipped with a Short Wave Infrared Camera featuring 56 m sq pixels of resolution. The WV3 satellite has better spatial resolution and spectral resolution than the ASTER satellite, which allows it to detect smaller outcrops more accurately. The WV3 satellite was launched in September, 2014, and produces higher quality images, 64x greater horizontal resolution, than the Regional Scale Mineral Mapping package. This is the method of choice for areas that comprise approximately 200 sq kms. 

ASTER is the Best Option for Regional Scale Mapping

In general, alteration mineral mapping using the ASTER satellite covers very large areas more cost effectively compared to WorldView-3. The ASTER satellite provides 30 m pixels and is best suited to very large areas up to thousands of square kilometers, providing stakeholders with the ability to reliably narrow down targeted areas.

Mapping Package Capabilities and Deliverables 

PhotoSat’s Property Scale and Regional Scale Mineral Mapping packages utilize our proprietary technology to get you reliable, targeted satellite mapping quickly, and with the highest level of accuracy. Clients get access to information in an easy-to-read, shareable format that effectively communicates information and engages stakeholders. 

Avoid costly delays, inaccurate reporting, and inefficient capital allocation. Our fast turnaround and accurate results give our clients the ability to proceed confidently in defining targets for sampling or drilling exploration. Call or email to arrange an assessment.

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