There is no standard or guaranteed timing for comprehensive PhotoSat alteration mineral mapping, as each project will have unique requirements.

Many Factors Affect Timing

Exact timing can vary and is contingent on many factors such as cloud cover, snowpack, available archive data, and competition for access to the satellites. However, as some general geographical examples of the variance of timelines, for 100 km2 areas, PhotoSat usually delivers the alteration package within two to four weeks of data collection. Arid areas of Mexico usually collect within two weeks, yet perpetually cloudy areas such as Colombia can take up to a year to collect. Areas of high snowpack may only be able to be surveyed and processed during a few weeks or months of the year, thus, the timing of the survey  is highly dependent on where the property of interest is located, and the time of year in which the client engages with PhotoSat.

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