PhotoSat offers a geological alteration mapping package produced using WorldView-3 high resolution satellite photos. In areas of sparse vegetation, 16 band WorldView-3 photos are used to map opal/chalcedony, kaolinite, jarosite, sericite, chlorite, calcite and many other minerals for epithermal gold and silver and porphyry copper exploration.

Accurate and dependable mapping of alteration minerals is essential for exploration projects. Using satellite images, PhotoSat’s proprietary processing methods enable exploration targeting through the clear and reliable identification of alteration minerals relevant to several different deposit types including epithermal gold and silver, and porphyry copper. 

PhotoSat uses Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) bands produced by two satellites to map both larger scale regions and smaller areas. With its enhanced spatial and spectral resolution, the WorldView-3 satellite is well suited to smaller areas up to several hundred square kilometres.

WorldView-3 provides unmatched spatial resolution and can reliably detect much smaller zones of alteration minerals than any previous commercially available satellite system.