Accurate and dependable mapping of alteration minerals is essential for exploration projects. Using satellite images, PhotoSat’s proprietary processing methods enable exploration targeting through the clear and reliable identification of alteration minerals relevant to several different deposit types including epithermal gold and silver, and porphyry copper.

PhotoSat uses Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) bands produced by two satellites to map both larger scale regions and smaller areas. The ASTER satellite is best utilized to provide data for regional prospecting, for areas covering thousands of square kilometers. 

PhotoSat uses proprietary data processing technology to improve the accuracy and reliability of alteration mineral mapping. Using deep learning, PhotoSat has been able to continuously improve spectral matching and reduce incidences of false positives to accurately identify more subtle alteration zones and map more effectively in partially vegetated areas.

Deliverables are provided in a clear, easy to understand format that identify areas of possible to probable alteration, allowing resource exploration companies to communicate findings to stakeholders. With reliable data identifying areas of probable alteration, targets for sampling or drilling exploration can be defined with confidence.