WorldView-3 Deep Learning alteration mineral mapping
of the Juanicipio silver deposit

Juanicipio Header

The Juanicipio silver deposit was discovered by Dr. Peter Megaw and Mag Silver between 2003 and 2006. 

The tops of the silver veins are over 400m below surface. The discovery was based on ten years of research and geological fieldwork. It was an amazing discovery of a blind deposit by drilling from the surface.

Detection of important alteration minerals

The PhotoSat WorldView-3 alteration mapping has detected many small areas of opal/chalcedony and buddingtonite alteration at Juanicipio. 

The opal/chalcedony is probably small outcrops of the silica cap. The buddingtonite is probably from the Advanced Argillic alteration zone.

See the complete list of minerals mapped by the WorldView-3 Satellite on the Juanicipio Silver deposit

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