Project Base Mapping


PhotoSat’s 20cm accuracy 1m elevation grids, 1m contours, and 50cm resolution precision satellite ortho photos are routinely used as mining project base maps at scales as fine as 1:1,000. These engineering quality base maps help to ensure that all of the exploration data, particularly drill hole data, is properly located using our consistent, reliable coordinates.

Topographic base mapping at the early stages of mining project work accelerates subsequent phases and saves time and cost throughout the exploration and development process. A modest investment in high accuracy elevation mapping eliminates expensive resurveying at the drilling, reserves calculation, feasibility, and construction stages.

PhotoSat’s satellite survey for project base mapping:

  • 20cm accuracy elevation map and precision ortho photo serve as quality control for subsequent project location data
  • Engineering grade elevation data can be used for future mine planning and construction
  • 12 years of experience delivering base maps, and over 1000 projects completed globally

PhotoSat’s unique satellite surveying

We have invented a mapping system that produces satellite surveying with accuracies better than 20cm in elevation. Visit the 20cm accuracy satellite surveying mining page for additional product information.

Proof of accuracy

We have published a number of proof of accuracy reports that demonstrate the elevation accuracy of our satellite mapping. View our Proof of Accuracy Reports.

For more information contact PhotoSat at or 1-604-681-9770

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