Mining project survey errors: root causes and their solutions

Drill hole survey

PhotoSat drill-hole collar survey for AbraPlata Resource Corp, NW Argentina

PhotoSat discusses the root causes, the consequences, and the solutions for the worst mining project survey errors

The nightmare that you need to avoid

You have issued a news release announcing your contract
with an independent engineering company to conduct your
mining project feasibility study. A couple of months later,
inconsistencies in the project survey data start to emerge.
The feasibility study is delayed while the surveying
problems are resolved.

Your engineering study is put on hold for completion of a survey audit and re-surveying

The engineering study is put on hold while there is an extensive survey audit. New teams of surveyors are sent to the field. This delay could materially affect the price of your stock. You are compelled to issue a news release announcing a several month delay in the delivery of the engineering report.

The PhotoSat report:

Two examples of serious, costly, feasibility study delays

The report describes mining projects in Mexico and Ecuador that had serious, costly, delays in their feasibility studies due to undetected survey errors.

Root cause of the most common survey errors

The report discusses confusion about survey data vertical references – mean sea levels, ellipsoids and geoids. This is the root cause of the most common and serious survey errors that PhotoSat has seen in over 1000 survey projects.

The solution: Compare the pre-existing survey data to a 1m by 1m PhotoSat survey grid with relative vertical accuracy better than 20cm

By comparing the pre-existing ground survey data to a project-wide 1m by 1m survey grid accurate to better than 20cm in elevation, your mining project survey errors can be detected and corrected. The report describes this process and provides examples.

How PhotoSat surveys offer a unique solution to mining project survey errors

Unique among mining project survey methods, PhotoSat surveying uses an initial process and reference system that is  independent of ground surveying. This enables us to detect many errors and inconsistencies in the existing project ground survey data that are usually undetected by other survey methods.

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Surveying errors can cause expensive delays.
Learn how to avoid them.

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