Mine Site Planning & Construction

Mine site planning and construction requires engineering quality topographic surveying. PhotoSat has invented a new processing system that routinely produces satellite surveys accurate to better than 20cm in elevation. This high accuracy elevation data is used for mine construction cut and fill volume calculations.

Our satellite surveys have been used by mining companies and engineering consultants for mine site planning and construction projects around the world. We have completed over 1000 surveying projects.

Benefits of satellite surveying:

  • Reduces the field risk for surveyors and eliminates surveying delays
  • Satellite data simplifies elevation mapping in remote and hazardous areas
  • Cost-effective alternative to aerial LiDAR and ground surveying

PhotoSat’s elevation mapping

Our unique processing system generates the most accurate satellite survey data with accuracies better than 20cm in elevation.

PhotoSat’s satellite surveying package includes a 1m elevation grid accurate to 20cm in elevation, 50cm or 1m contours, and a 50cm satellite ortho photo. Mining companies and engineers use this digital elevation data to accelerate mine site planning and construction projects.