Infrastructure and Feature Outlines

In certain applications, it may be necessary to identify specific features such as roads or buildings.  An add-on product to our survey packages, we can locate and digitize features in a specific area. This includes:

  • Roads
  • Buildings
  • Rivers and drainages
  • Other important natural features

Product Accuracy & Specifications

Digitized features have with the following specifications:

Outline 1 px
Available for
  • Engineering Survey Package
  • Recurring Survey Package
  • Exploration Survey Package
  • Regional Mapping Package
Included in Dam Breach Study Package

Delivery Time

We add outlines to infrastructure and features while producing the other deliverables in your survey or mapping package. The time to generate these depends on:

  • Total size of the mapping or survey area
  • Number of features to digitize
  • Type and complexity of infrastructure


This add-on product is covered by a custom quote.