Our expertise in geophysical data processing methods combined with deep learning and extensive experience enables us to provide satellite survey deliverables with unparalleled accuracy. PhotoSat has delivered thousands of quality engineering satellite surveys which shorten project timelines, eliminate survey delays, improve data reliability, and reduce risk. We produce data with better than 15 cm elevation accuracy. 

The standard PhotoSat surveying package includes the following, and can be further customized to our client’s needs: 

  • 50 cm precision colour or grayscale satellite ortho photo
  • 1 m bare earth elevation grid (DEM/DTM) – 15 cm, 20 cm or 30 cm accuracy
  • 50 cm or 1 m contours (plus 5 m, 10 m and 50 m contours)
  • Colour elevation image (in areas of sparse vegetation)
  • Direction of slope image (in areas of sparse vegetation)

Ortho photo

PhotoSat’s natural colour orthophotos are colour balanced, mosaicked and atmospherically compensated.

1 m Bare earth survey grid

The image is a survey grid with elevation values every meter. 50 cm elevation grid is also available upon request.


1 m contours are derived from the survey, using a custom algorithm to smooth noise while preserving topographic detail.

Colour elevation image

The image is coloured, shaded and highlighted to clearly show the survey details. Blue is low elevation and red is high elevation.

Slope direction image

Slope direction is used to enhance the surface expressions of geological structures. North facing slopes are bright, south facing are dark, east facing are blue and west facing are gold.