Monitor tailings facility construction and operation with PhotoSat surveys

Independent, auditable, archive of tailings structure construction

Monthly PhotoSat surveying during TSF construction provides an independent, auditable record of the construction history.  This facilitates the engineering design of future TSF expansion.

15 cm elevation surveying accuracy required for TSF surveys

This PhotoSat mine tailings survey matched the survey checkpoints to a standard deviation (RMSE) of 11 cm

Most tailings surveying requires accuracies of better than 20cm in elevation.  The Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) in their 2015 publication, “Guidelines for Tailings Deposit Sampling and Measuring Tools” specify the required accuracy of TSF surveys as follows:

Aerial surveys survey (of the pond hard bottom) should have and accuracy of +/- 15 cm

PhotoSat consistently surveys mine sites to an accuracy better than 15 cm in elevation. This accuracy has been verified by tens of thousands of ground survey points on many mine sites and oil and gas fields.

Timely delivery of survey data essential for TSF management

PhotoSat delivers survey data for most operating mines within 5 days of the satellite pass. Key areas of the mine, such as the TSF, can be delivered within 2 days if required.

 Get an instantaneous survey snapshot of your entire mine.

PhotoSat surveys can cover entire mine sites in an instantaneous single snapshot.  This provides simultaneous volume measurements of the tailings, ore stockpiles, waste dumps and mine pits.  No other survey method provides such a comprehensive, instantaneous and consistent material balance for the entire mine site.