Pipeline Design and Cost Estimates

Pipeline Ortho Route Map

Once a pipeline route has been selected, PhotoSat’s engineering quality satellite surveying is used to produce a detailed route elevation profile. The elevation data is ideal for designing stream and gully crossings and for estimating cut and fill volumes for access road construction.

Satellite surveys for pipeline design:

  • Reliable, engineering quality survey data
  • 30cm elevation accuracy with only one ground survey point every 10km along the route
  • 20cm elevation accuracy with one ground survey point every 5km
  • Surveying corridor widths of 1km to 5km

Accelerate pipeline design and cost estimates

In hazardous and remote areas, detailed designs can be produced from satellite surveying with no ground survey control and no in-field or in-country presence. This survey data will have a relative vertical accuracy of 30cm in 10km. Once a survey crew is able to access the project site, the survey and designs can be adjusted to match ground survey control points. This can accelerate pipeline design projects by many months.

PhotoSat’s elevation data

PhotoSat’s unique algorithms produce the most accurate survey data from satellite photos with accuracies better than 30cm in elevation. We have delivered over 1000 projects globally.

Our digital PhotoSat survey package includes an engineering quality 1m elevation grid accurate to 30cm in elevation, 50cm or 1m contours, and a 50cm satellite orthophoto.

Proof of accuracy

The accuracy of our satellite surveying has been proven using tens of thousands of ground survey points for comparison. View our Proof of Accuracy Reports.

For more information, contact PhotoSat at info@photosat.ca or 1-604-681-9770

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