How can I check and correct my existing survey data?


Leverage existing engineering survey investments

On many oil and gas projects there are hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in survey data that is often not used by the Drilling, Completions, and Facilities Engineers, because they have little confidence in its reliability and accuracy. This may consist of GPS and theodolite survey data, as-built drawings, and other location data of unknown accuracy and origin.

PhotoSat has worked with oil and gas companies to develop a highly accurate system for matching engineering datasets to high resolution satellite photos and our satellite surveys.

We then deliver a coherent set of project location data and a 1m elevation grid, with elevation accuracies of 20cm. This engineering survey data can then be used by the Drilling, Completions, and Facilities Engineers for all future project design and construction work.

Maximize the value of surface engineering data investments:

  • Receive reliable, engineering quality surface elevation data for your entire project
  • Reduce boots on the ground surface scouting and site surveying
  • Streamline well pad selection and facilities engineering projects
  • Use the new survey data for cut and fill volume estimates

Experience on an oil & gas project

In the following Case Study PhotoSat reconciled five surveyed datasets and provided the client with a matching 20cm accuracy engineering grade survey to be used for design work. View the full Case Study.

Image of 5 survey datasets from an oil and gas project. These datasets have horizontal or elevation offsets from each other. View the full Case Study.

Image of five survey datasets from an oil and gas project. These datasets have horizontal or elevation offsets from each other. View the full Case Study.

How it works

First, we determine the relative match between the various engineering datasets and our satellite survey. When we find survey inconsistencies, we work with your project team to select a reference dataset and shift all others horizontally and vertically to match it. This process usually results in datasets which match to within 10cm vertically and 25cm horizontally.

PhotoSat supplies your project team with an adjusted, verified set of survey and surface engineering data, a matching digital 1m grid of our satellite engineering survey accurate to 20cm in elevation, and a 50cm precision satellite orthophoto, accurate to 25cm horizontally. This data can then be used for the subsequent surface engineering design work, including cut and fill volume estimates. We have delivered over 1000 projects globally.

Proof of accuracy

The accuracy of PhotoSat’s satellite survey has been proven using tens of thousands of ground survey points for comparison. View our Proof of Accuracy Reports.

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