Tailings Beaches

Surveying surveying of tailing beaches

Monitoring the waterlines and the heights of the tailings beaches is a continuing challenge for tailings engineers. PhotoSat’s unique satellite topography provides an instantaneous snapshot of the entire tailings beach waterline, the geometry of the beaches, and the height of the tailings dykes.

Our 15cm accuracy satellite surveying addresses these challenges and is being used to measure and monitor tailings at several of the Alberta oil sands mines. We survey the tailings systems for Suncor’s Millennium and Steepbank mines every two weeks, enabling ground surveyors to avoid the hazards in the tailings areas.

50cm satellite ortho photo

High resolution satellite photo of a tailings beach. ©DigitalGlobe 2013

PhotoSat 1m elevation image of a tailings beach, with 15cm vertical accuracy

PhotoSat elevation image of a tailings beach.

PhotoSat’s satellite mine surveys

Tailings beaches are measured and monitored with our topographic surveys. Our proprietary technology is ideal for engineering projects and is used by many of the oil sands mines in Northern Alberta. Visit the satellite surveying page for additional information.


Proof of accuracy

Our elevation mapping accuracies have been proven using tens of thousands of ground survey points for comparison. View our Proof of Accuracy Reports.


For more information, contact PhotoSat at info@photosat.ca or 1-604-681-9770

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