Toes & Crests

Toes and crests data draped over a satellite photo

Surveying of mine site toes and crests has been an important component of mine mapping and monitoring since the first open pit mines. PhotoSat has developed a process for automatically generating mine site toes and crests from our satellite-derived topographic grids. Our toes and crests data is being used in a variety of oil sands mine engineering processes including the daily dispatch maps.

PhotoSat regularly provides 15cm accuracy toes and crests data to the operations engineers at several of the Alberta oil sands mines. Our clients find that using satellite topography to map toes and crests enables the mine site ground survey team to be deployed on tasks that require boots on the ground. This reduces overall survey costs and produces better survey coverage.

PhotoSat’s toes and crests mapping features:

  • Using satellites allows ground surveyors to avoid hazardous areas of the mine site
  • Reliable 15cm elevation accuracies for mining engineering projects
  • Instantaneous snapshot of all mine site toes and crests
  • Produced in conjunction with our engineering quality topographic survey data

Toes and crests, satellite image

Toes and crests data draped over a satellite photo



Toes and crests data draped over PhotoSat’s elevation image



Bird’s eye view of toes and crests data over a mine site

PhotoSat’s satellite surveying

Mine site toes and crests mapping is provided in conjunction with our satellite topographic mapping package, with 15cm elevation accuracies for oil sands engineering projects.

Accuracy reports

Proof of accuracy reports, as well as case studies and presentations are available on the Resources page.


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