Case Histories

Oil sands accurate elevation image

Volumetrics at Suncor’s Oil Sands Mines

PhotoSat monitors Alberta’s oil sands mines The vast oil sands deposits of Northern Alberta contain over 1.5 trillion barrels of oil making them one of the world’s largest hydrocarbon reserves. O...

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3962 km2 of stereo WorldView-2 satellite photos

Ghadames Case History

Stereo Satellite Elevation Surveying: Ghadames, Libya From August to November of 2010 PhotoSat produced a 3,962 km² 1m survey grid from 50cm WorldView-2 stereo satellite photos ...

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Majnoon Case History

Stereo Satellite Elevation Mapping: Majnoon Oil Field Development, Iraq PhotoSat produced 2,300 km² of high definition elevation mapping and precision orthophotos, from stereo WorldView-2 (WV2) ...

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