Advanced projects with existing ground survey data

Using existing project GPS and/or Total Station survey data for PhotoSat ground reference control

PhotoSat has developed a number of custom processes and tools to utilize existing project survey data for PhotoSat survey ground reference control.  Using existing project survey data for PhotoSat ground control has a number of benefits.

Save the time and cost of new ground target surveying

Using existing project survey data as PhotoSat ground reference control saves the time cost of acquiring new survey data.  This may include the time and cost of constructing and surveying new ground targets.  Advanced projects often have hundreds of thousands of dollars of existing survey data that can be used as PhotoSat ground reference.

Ensure that the PhotoSat survey matches existing project surveys

Registering the PhotoSat surveys to your existing ground survey data ensures that the PhotoSat surveys match your existing project surveys.  It is essential that all project survey data be referenced to the same survey benchmark.

Ensure that all of your existing survey data is referenced to the same survey benchmark

In the few occasions when there are mismatches between existing project survey data sets.  These mismatches will become apparent when the different survey data sets are matched to the PhotoSat surveys.  There are more details on recognizing and fixing survey offsets in the following blog post:

Are PhotoSat surveys really more reliable than ground surveys

Development of custom tools for referencing PhotoSat surveys to existing project survey data

Between 2010 and 2015 PhotoSat produced over 20 satellite surveys in the Iraq.  On most of these projects acquiring new ground survey data to reference the satellite surveying was time consuming, expensive and logistically challenging. On many projects land mines and unexploded ordinance had to be cleared prior to sending in survey teams.

Requirement for ground troops and helicopter gunships to protect survey teams greatly increases ground survey costs. There was a significant cost and timing advantage for PhotoSat to develop processes to use any and all existing survey data on these projects as ground reference for PhotoSat satellite surveying.

Consequently PhotoSat developed a number of processing methods and tools to use existing project survey data as ground reference for PhotoSat surveying.  We believe that the methods and tools developed by PhotoSat are unmatched in the industry.  Due to the considerable savings in costs and time we have subsequently used these methods and tools on dozens of projects that do not have security issues.

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