PhotoSat accuracy studies

Test Areas

The test areas were chosen based on the availability of high accuracy reference data:

  • Garlock Fault test area – LiDAR
  • Asmara, Eritrea – D-GPS ground control points surveyed for gravimetric studies

Survey grids derived from DigitalGlobe WorldView imagery

The underlying plot shows the relationship between ground control point density and PhotoSat survey grid accuracy for grids derived from photo pairs of the DigitalGlobe’s WorldView constellation.

survey grid accuracy

Complete Results

The underlying tables list all the recent accuracy studies conducted by PhotoSat. For detailed information on any of the studies, please see the respective report.

Accuracy (RMSE) < 15cm

Accuracy (RMSE) from 15cm to 20cm

Accuracy (RMSE) from 20cm to 30cm

Accuracy (RMSE) from 30cm to 50cm

Accuracy (RMSE) from 1m to 2m

Location Satellite,         # of GCP,   RMSE
Eritrea ALOS PRISM,   3 GCP,          RMSE 1.2m
Eritrea SPOT 7,           1 GCP,          RMSE 1.4m

Accuracy (RMSE) from 2m to 3m

Location Satellite,       # of GCP,   RMSE
Eritrea ALOS PRISM,    1 GCP,       RMSE 2.4m

Earlier accuracy studies:

2008 to 2015 Accuracy Studies


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