Texas elevation data

High Accuracy Elevation Grids (DEM) Available for Texas Oil Regions: Permian Basin, Eagle Ford Shale

PhotoSat has produced off-the-shelf digital elevation models for parts of the Permian Basin and Eagle Ford Shale in Texas. For oil producing areas in Texas that are outside of the immediately available data shown below, we can quickly produce a DEM using existing satellite imagery so contact us (info@photosat.ca) with your project area and we will provide details.

The vertical accuracy of the 1m elevation grids is better than 1m, making the data suitable for engineering and precision GIS tasks. The terrain data is bare earth (DTM) with man-made features and vegetation removed, making it ideal for development and construction planning. These DEMs are used by our oil and gas clients for:

  • Reducing costs by lowering the need for ground surveyors and eliminating multiple surveyors.
  • Well site and well pad design
  • Pipeline route, powerline, and road planning
  • Seismic planning
  • Slope analysis
  • Environmental assessment and planning

Our Texas digital elevation models are offered at an affordable price for such high accuracy and high resolution. Contact us with your project area in Texas and we will provide you with a quote.

Below are images of the current coverage available. If your project area is outside of this coverage, don’t fret, we can quickly produce detailed topography over most other areas.

Texas elevation data

Overview of off-the-shelf elevation data in Texas


Permian Basin DEM

Zoom of the DEM in the Permian Basin


Eagle Ford Shale DEM

Zoom of the DEM in the Eagle Ford Shale Play


The elevation mapping package includes:

  • 1m bare earth elevation grid (DTM) accurate to better than 1m
  • 50cm greyscale precision satellite ortho photo
  • 1m contours


Eagle Ford elevation mapping

1m colour image of the DTM over the Eagle Ford Shale


1m contours

1m colour image of the DTM with 1m contours


Satellite photo

50cm resolution satellite ortho photo


If you’d like a quote for topographic mapping over your project area contact us and we’d be happy to help. info@photosat.ca, 604-681-9770.