The Ixtaca gold deposit was discovered by Dr. Morgan Poliquin and Almaden Minerals in 2010.
There is well-developed epithermal alteration of the rocks that outcrop above the Ixtaca deposit.

Detection of important alteration minerals

Small outcrops of probable buddingtonite alteration 2 km SE of the Ixtaca discovery drill hole.

WorldView-3 is the first satellite with the spectral and spatial specifications capable of detecting these small buddingtonite altered outcrops.

Probable kaolinite, alunite and buddingtonite alteration uphill from the Ixtaca discovery drill hole.

Schematic cross-section of an epithermal Au-Ag deposit. From the Pre-Feasibility Study by Almaden Minerals Ltd. After Hedenquist. Buddingtonite, if present, will occur in the Advanced Argillic alteration zone, shown as AA in the figure.