Leaders in Satellite Topography for Mining and Energy
Over 450 highly accurate mapping projects completed

PhotoSat's non-intrusive, highly accurate satellite topographic maps are recognized as an alternative to the increased risk and associated expense when using personnel on the ground for surveying in hazardous areas.

  • Minimize the exposure of your field crews when accessing dangerous or remote areas.
  • Faster surveying than traditional field crew acquisitions.
  • Faster processing of topography data after acquisition. PhotoSat reduced processing time for a 100 sqkm survey to 20 hours compared to several hundred hours by traditional processing.
  • Improved accuracy of the data has been shown to be within 30cm of elevation points. View our accuracy studies
  • Replace expensive airborne photography.
  • Minimize permitting and field crew scheduling issues.
  • Improved quality of the data using LEAN-based QC.
  • Supply chain efficiency occurs when you have a single source of data rather than multiple suppliers.
  • Excellent delivery probability due to multiple sources of data.

Volumetrics at Suncor's Oil Sands Mines

Regular topographic mapping has helped Suncor monitor its mine site and tailings disposal areas, with elevation accuracies better than 20cm processed from DigitalGlobe's WorldView satellite photos. Read case study.