Leaders in Satellite Topography for Mining and Energy
Over 450 highly accurate mapping projects completed

PhotoSat's non-intrusive, highly accurate satellite topographic maps are recognized as an alternative to the increased risk and associated expense when using personnel on the ground for surveying in hazardous areas.

  • Minimize the exposure of your field crews when accessing dangerous or remote areas.
  • Faster surveying than traditional field crew acquisitions.
  • Faster processing of topography data after acquisition. PhotoSat reduced processing time for a 100 sqkm survey to 20 hours compared to several hundred hours by traditional processing.
  • Improved accuracy of the data has been shown to be within 30cm of elevation points. View our accuracy studies
  • Replace expensive airborne photography.
  • Minimize permitting and field crew scheduling issues.
  • Improved quality of the data using LEAN-based QC.
  • Supply chain efficiency occurs when you have a single source of data rather than multiple suppliers.
  • Excellent delivery probability due to multiple sources of data.

High Accuracy Topography to Measure Volume
of Mount Polley Tailings Dam Spill

PhotoSat and DigitalGlobe are generating a high accuracy topographic grid from stereo satellite photos to estimate the volume of material spilled from the Mount Polley tailings dam. Read more.