Geospatial Data for Exploration & Geology

Regional Topography

User-ready topography for exploration planning
When geologists are planning new exploration programs, it is crucial to have access to reliable topography of the area. But when these areas are remote or large, getting reliable topography can be difficult, potentially delaying a project at the start.

PhotoSat’s Regional Topography package equips exploration professionals with reliable topographic data, without the need for ground control or site access.
Slope Direction Image
Slope Direction Image
Key applications:
  • 3D modelling
  • Exploration program planning
  • Geological targeting
  • Logistical coordination
Elevation grid formats:
File Format(s): ASCII, CSV, DWG, DXF, ECW, ERS, LAS, TIF, and XML.

Thinned Grid formats are available to reduce file size for projects over low-grade slopes.
Technical Specifications:
3D terrain surface with ground features (DEM/DSM)
Vertical Accuracy (with control)
~1 – 2 m RMSE More Info
Satellite Specifications for Topographic Maps
Some specifications for topographic mapping deliverables depend on the satellite used to acquire the imagery.
Satellite Orthophoto Ground Resolution (Pixel Size) Orthophoto Colour Elevation Grid Spacing (Ground Sample Distance)
SPOT 6 1.5 m Colour 3 m
SPOT 7 2 m Colour 3 m
ALOS PRISM 2.5 m Colour 3 m
GeoEye 0.5 m Colour 3 m
Relative Accuracy
~3 m over 10 km
Elevation Grid Resolution (GSD)
3 m or custom
Vegetation Removal
Available from Archive Imagery
Satellites Source(s)
Spot 6; Spot 7
Area of Interest
Coordinate System
Any, including custom mine grids


The Regional Topography package includes these standard deliverables.
Standard Deliverables Optional Deliverables

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