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Data Insights Reporting Package

Interpretation-ready data for mine and tailings management
Mine managers and engineers have a continual need for comprehensive survey data. For applications in planning and reporting, mining professionals need data that is site-wide, time-stamped, and accurate to ensure that site operations continue safely and efficiently.

The Data Insights Reporting Package is a custom supplementary report available with any recurring Mine Site Survey.
Key applications:
  • Mine site operations and planning
  • Tailings facility management and planning
  • Cut, placed, and stockpiled volume tracking for monthly and quarterly reporting
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Health and safety
  • Risk management and compliance
Elevation grid formats:
File Format(s): ASCII, CSV, DWG, DXF, ECW, ERS, LAS, TIF, and XML.

Thinned Grid formats are available to reduce file size for projects over low-grade slopes.
Technical Specifications:
Bare ground surface (DEM/DTM)
Vertical Accuracy (with control)
Same as associated Mine Site Survey
Volume Accuracy
Within ~2-5% accuracy
Vegetation Removal
Available from Archive Imagery
Satellites Source(s)
WV1, WV2, WV3
Area of Interest
Coordinate System
Any, including custom mine grids


The Data Insights Reporting package is made up of custom deliverables.
Standard Deliverables Custom Deliverables

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How can data insights support operational integrity and reporting?

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