Surveying for Mining & Development

Development Surveying

User-ready data for project design and planning
Effectively and efficiently managing major infrastructure projects comes with a host of challenges. For engineers, it is crucial to obtain engineering-grade survey data that covers the entire project area, without interfering with ground activity.

PhotoSat’s Development Surveying gives engineers accurate and site-wide data, so projects can continue as planned.
Precision Orthophoto
Colour Shade with Contours
Key applications:
  • Mining development and expansion
  • Preliminary construction projects
  • Renewable energy projects (e.g. wind farms)
Elevation grid formats:
File Format(s): ASCII, CSV, DWG, DXF, ECW, ERS, LAS, TIF, and XML.

Thinned Grid formats are available to reduce file size for projects over low-grade slopes.
Technical Specifications:
Bare ground surface (DEM/DTM)
Vertical Accuracy (with control)
~10 – 30 cm RMSE More Info
Satellite Specifications for Elevation Surveys
Some specifications for survey deliverables depend on the satellite used to acquire the imagery.
Satellite Expected Vertical Accuracy Orthophoto Ground Resolution (Pixel Size) Orthophoto Colour Elevation Grid Spacing (Ground Sample Distance)
WV1 10 – 15 cm RMSE (with ground control) 50 cm Greyscale, with colourization options available 1 m or 50 cm
WV2 10 – 15 cm RMSE (with ground control) 50 cm Colour 1 m or 50 cm
WV3 10 – 15 cm RMSE (with ground control) 50 cm or 30 cm Colour 1 m, 50 cm, 30 cm, or 15 cm (resampled)
Pleiades 1A 20 – 30 cm RMSE (with ground control) 50 cm Colour 50 cm
Pleiades 1B 20 – 30 cm RMSE (with ground control) 50 cm Colour 50 cm
Keyhole -- 0.61 m to 1.2 m Greyscale 0.61 m to 1.2 m
Relative Accuracy
~20 cm over 5 km
Elevation Grid Resolution (GSD)
50 cm, 1 m, or custom
Vegetation Removal
Available from Archive Imagery
Satellites Source(s)
WV1, WV2, WV3, Pleiades 1A/1B; Pleiades Neo 1 & 2
Area of Interest
Coordinate System
Any, including custom mine grids


The Development Surveying package includes these standard deliverables.
Standard Deliverables Optional Deliverables

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