Active Tailings Facilities

With the release of the Global Tailings Standard, mining companies around the world are taking major steps to improve management of active tailings facilities. As part of this, mining companies are placing an organizational emphasis on how survey data is used and collected.

Tailings facilities can be difficult to survey by conventional methods

Tailings facilities can be enormous. To survey these large sites, it is common practice to employ multiple survey methods. Unfortunately, merging data sets from multiple sources is a common source of errors. Ultimately, tailings engineers need prompt survey data without compromising on accuracy.

Survey errors can cause serious problems

When data sets contain errors, the decisions based on them can lead to serious consequences. From storage capacity to freeboard, tailings engineers need comprehensive survey data for many monitoring and planning applications. A single error can impact many aspects of tailings management, and with tailings, there is no room for error.

PhotoSat surveys are consistent and accurate

Mining companies can obtain survey data for large or remote areas without compromising on delivery time or accuracy. With satellite surveying, neither permits nor ground access are required. For every survey, we use the same equipment and methods, so our surveys remain consistent and highly accurate.