Dam Breach Analyses

Moving forward, many mining companies will need to commission dam breach analyses for their tailings facilities. Also known as a dam breach study, these analyses examine the potential impact of a dam failure, even if the actual risk of failure is low.

Dam breach analyses require industry experts and extensive survey data

A credible dam breach analysis requires extensive survey data, both on the tailings facility and on the inundation area. Qualified professionals – including hydrologists and engineering consultants – will need to consider several parameters. These parameters – including total tailings discharged, flow path, and more – will vary from site to site. There may be multiple dam failure scenarios to consider.

It is crucial to understand the impact of any potential dam failure

Without a dam breach analysis, the consequences of a dam failure are not fully understood. Once completed, these analyses influence tailings management and operations. Furthermore, they are a driving force behind emergency preparedness and response planning.

PhotoSat can provide key inputs for dam breach analyses

Consulting firms can use our survey data to complete a dam breach analysis. Our comprehensive Dam Breach Analysis Package provides data inputs necessary. This package includes:

  • Total tailings volume through a Tailings History Package
  • Detailed survey of the inundation area with an Engineering Survey Package
  • Infrastructure outlines in the inundation area, such as roads and buildings