Feasibility Studies

Mine feasibility and pre-feasibility studies require engineering quality survey data. PhotoSat’s 20cm accuracy satellite surveying is being used by mining companies and engineering consultants for scoping studies and planning for mine pits, ore stockpiles, leach pads, tailings impoundment areas, and plants and facilities throughout the world.

We have been providing satellite surveying for mine feasibility studies for over ten years, and have completed over 1000 surveying projects. PhotoSat’s unique process generates the world’s most accurate satellite survey data with accuracies better than 20cm in elevation.

Benefits of PhotoSat surveying:

  • Independent check on the drill hole survey coordinates
  • Reduces the field risk for surveyors and eliminates surveying delays
  • Satellite data simplifies elevation mapping in remote and hazardous areas
  • Cost-effective alternative to aerial LiDAR and ground surveying