About Mining Exploration

PhotoSat’s satellite surveying and mapping are beneficial to companies engaged in mining exploration, assisting with targeting, reporting, and validation requirements. Accurate and dependable targeting data is essential for mining exploration, in order to satisfy stakeholders and drive project development. 

Satellite Surveying Provides Cost Effective, Accurate Data

Accurate and reliable ground survey data is essential for feasibility studies. Any inconsistencies in ground survey data can significantly delay project timelines, incur additional costs, affect stock prices, and frustrate stakeholders. Satellite surveying can confirm ground survey data cost effectively and reliably. 

Reduces Delays And Increases Reliability

Inconsistent and mismatched drill hole survey data is one of the major causes of project delays. Targets centered on drill hole collars appear in the satellite photos, enabling PhotoSat to generate accurate, reliable drill hole coordinates. Unique among mining project survey methods, PhotoSat uses an initial process and reference system that does not rely on ground control points. This enables us to detect errors in the ground survey data that are usually undetected by other survey methods.

Using our satellite images, PhotoSat’s proprietary processing methods developed with deep learning provide exploration companies with reliable data; targets for sampling or drilling exploration can be identified and defined with confidence.

PhotoSat’s mining exploration offerings help advance the following work: 

  • Project Base Mapping
  • Structural Geology
  • Alteration Mineral Exploration Targeting
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Reserve and Resource Estimates
  • Drill Hole planning and Coordinate Validation