Drill Hole Planning & Coordinate Validation

Inconsistent and mismatched drill hole survey data is one of the major causes of delays for reserve and resource reporting and feasibility studies. PhotoSat satellite mapping provides independent verification of drill hole coordinates and maps their location to within 50cm in east and north, and 30cm in elevation. On many projects our mapping process is more cost-effective and reliable than GPS surveying of the drill hole locations.

Acquire accurate and verifiable drill hole collar coordinates

When mining companies construct white X’s of painted stones or other materials centered on their drill hole collars, the targets appear in the satellite photos that are collected for this mapping service. From these high resolution satellite photos and our derived 30cm accuracy topographic mapping, PhotoSat generates highly accurate and reliable drill hole coordinates.

This service is available in conjunction with our engineering quality 20cm accuracy satellite surveying package. If PhotoSat has already produced elevation mapping for your project, drill collars can be mapped using a new single high resolution satellite photo.

We have created this service for mining projects in the developing world where there is often local labour readily available to construct the X’s, while ground surveying is frequently costly and difficult to obtain. If there is existing survey data, our process will provide independent confirmation of the drill hole locations.

Drill hole mapping service deliverables

PhotoSat supplies your team with a spreadsheet of the drill hole collar location coordinates accurate to within 50cm in east and north, and 30cm in elevation. In addition, we provide a matching digital 1m grid of our satellite survey accurate to 20cm in elevation, 1m contours, and a 50cm precision satellite ortho photo.

This engineering elevation survey data can then be used to reduce timelines for feasibility studies and reserve and resource esimates, and in all subsequent engineering design work.

Proof of accuracy

The accuracy of our satellite topographic data has been proven using tens of thousands of ground survey points for comparison. View our Proof of Accuracy Reports.

Drill hole ground survey errors captured in the satellite photo and corresponding elevation image.