Structural Geology

Detailed maps of topography often show the surface traces of geological structures that have no expression on any other datasets. PhotoSat has many examples of faults that show clearly on our topographic images that cannot be recognized on the ground nor in the satellite photos.

Our 20cm accuracy topographic mapping package includes a colour elevation image and slope direction (aspect) image that clearly map the subtle surface traces of geological structures. Mining geologists find the elevation data ideal for identifying structures, while engineers can use the same dataset for base mapping, resource estimates, cut and fill volume estimates, and mine site planning.

High-resolution Satellite Orthophoto

Corresponding Elevation Image

The slope direction (aspect) image shows a system of arcuate faults symmetrical about the silicified breccia. These features are not apparent in the satellite photo.

Satellite surveying for mining projects

When mining companies acquire our high accuracy elevation data for early stage geological applications, they subsequently use the same dataset for project appraisal and development stages. Topographic mapping in the early stages ensures that all of the exploration data, particularly drill hole data, is properly located using our reliable coordinates.

We have invented a satellite mapping process that produces elevation data with accuracies better than 20cm in elevation. Visit the satellite surveying page for more information about this product.