Exploration Survey Package 

Take your project to the next stage with engineering grade elevation data. This package meets the needs of mining engineers to start planning for roads, drill pads, and drill hole locations. 

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Water Body Outlines 

Keep track of natural, seasonal, and man-made water bodies on a project site. This add-on product shows detailed outlines of surface water. 

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Regional Mapping package 

Explore using consistent and reliable topography. Ideal for studies over extremely large or remote areas, this package offers an economical solution without compromising data reliability. 

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Infrastructure and Feature Outlines  

Identify buildings, roads, and more. This add-on product adds digital outlines of man-made or natural features.

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ASTER Alteration Mineral Mapping Package

Select better regional targets. This package is ideal for mapping large areas, distinguishing between key minerals such as sericite, iron oxide gossans, alunite, and more.

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WV-3 Alteration Mineral Mapping Package 

Choose better targets at property scale. With high spatial resolution, this package provides detailed mapping of key minerals such as jarosite, kaolinite, and more.

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