Exploration  Survey Package 

As projects progress from exploration into development, the precision of topographic data becomes increasingly important. Engineers need quality survey data for a range of applications, including planning for roads and drill pads, establishing drill hole coordinates, or conducting feasibility studies 

For some sites, GCPs may already exist. However, in many cases there are few or no GCPs. The Exploration Survey Package is a practical option that addresses the challenges of producing topography in remote areas, while delivering engineering grade data that can take projects from exploration through to development and planning.  

Product Accuracy & Specifications  

Our Exploration Survey Package comes with the following specifications: 

Accuracy (vertical) ~30-50 cm RMSE
Accuracy (volume)  ~2% error 
Data point density  ~1 point per m2
Area Unlimited
  • Orthophoto
  • Elevation grid
  • Colour elevation image
  • Contours
  • Accuracy report
Add-ons available
  • Volume measurement
  • Mine site toes and crests
  • Water body outlines
  • Infrastructure and feature outlines
Thinned grid option On request


Satellite surveying is a practical solution for global companies with sites around the world.