Regional Mapping Package

For exploration projects, mining companies need reliable topographic data over large or remote areas, often in a tight time frame. This package sees applications in geological targeting, logistical coordination, exploration planning, and more.

When few or no GCPs exist, the Regional Mapping Package is a practical solution. Usually for areas 100s to 1000s of square kilometers in size, it provides quality topographic data without the need for ground controls or on-site personnel.

Product Accuracy & Specifications

Our Regional Mapping Package comes with the following specifications:

Accuracy (vertical) ~2m RMSE
Area Unlimited
  • Orthophoto
  • Elevation grid
  • Colour elevation image
  • Contours
  • Accuracy report
Add-ons available
  • Water body outlines
  • Infrastructure and feature outlines
Thinned grid option On request

Delivery Time

Over large or remote sites, satellite mapping is faster than conventional surveying.

Delivery times may vary. Read more about Timeline for Delivery.


Satellite mapping is a practical solution for companies with globally diverse sites.