Prepare your mining project for PEA and Feasibility Studies

Download the PhotoSat surveying case history and learn how AbraPlata is using the PhotoSat survey to prepare for its Diablillos Project PEA.

“These data (the PhotoSat Survey) form the foundation for the Preliminary Economic Assessment and subsequent feasibility and engineering studies as well as any possible future mine planning. In addition, they will greatly assist in the compilation and interpretation of all past and current exploration data.”

– Hernan Zaballa, AbraPlata’s Chairman (Nov 16, 2017, AbraPlata News Release)

3D view of the PhotoSat survey of the AbraPlata Diablillos Silver Project in Argentina showing one meter elevation contours and some of the drill hole locations.

Benefits of performing a PhotoSat survey early in your mine development cycle:

  • Identify survey problems early

Avoid costly engineering delays with an accurate survey of your entire project. Many project engineers discover survey problems when they are in the midst of complex and costly engineering studies.

  • Avoid engineering study rework

Too often survey data problems are discovered in the midst of a complex, expensive engineering project. The engineering studies are put on hold. Survey crews are rushed to the project to identify and resolve the survey problems. Drill hole sections have to be redrawn. Mine designs are revised. All at considerable, unbudgeted expense. We have seen projects delayed for months waiting for survey problems to be resolved and engineering designs updated.

  • PhotoSat surveying will provide a base for all project engineering

Drill hole collars, trenches, historical mine workings and access road surveys must be tied to a common, verifiable, survey base before you start your engineering studies. PhotoSat can help you do this. Future surveys can then all be referenced to the PhotoSat survey base.

Benefit from PhotoSat’s experience surveying hundreds of mining projects

PhotoSat has surveyed hundreds of mining projects. We have identified and resolved survey data inconsistencies on dozens of these projects. The AbraPlata, Diablillos Case History is one example. Our surveys are used by the world’s major mining engineering consulting companies in all stages of mine development.

Mining project surveying case history

AbraPlata Resources has generously permitted us to publish the case history of the PhotoSat surveys of their Diablillos project in Argentina. The PhotoSat surveying identified and resolved surveying issues on this project. For more information, download the case history.