Mine Site Volume Reconciliations

PhotoSat surveys are used for monthly, quarterly and annual mine site volume reconciliations. The PhotoSat survey is an instant snapshot of the entire mine site.

Instant snapshots of the entire mine site:

Stereo satellite photos taken in one minute can survey hundreds of square kilometers to a vertical accuracy of 15cm. Mine site volumes are precisely measured for the exact date and time of the satellite photos. The volumes can then be balanced between mine pits, ore stockpiles, leach pads, waste dumps and tailings beaches.

Pre-blast surface on the left. Post-blast surface on the right. Enables direct calculation of the blast heave volume increase.

Direct measurements of rock to blast muck volume expansion

Volume expansion between consolidated rock and blast muck can usually be calculated within 1% from the PhotoSat volume measurements.

Compare PhotoSat volumes to mine shovel and haul truck weight measurements

Precise PhotoSat volumes can be compared to volume estimates derived from mine shovel and haul truck weight measurements. Error levels and adjustment factors can be derived for the truck and shovel measurements to provide more accurate mine volume tracking.

Used by Consulting Mining Engineers

All of the world’s major mining consulting engineering companies have used PhotoSat survey data. The engineers have come to trust PhotoSat surveys. If the project engineers have not used PhotoSat surveys themselves, they can check with other engineers in the company who have.