Water Bodies

PhotoSat Waterbody Outlines

Water management is an important aspect of modern mining operations. PhotoSat surveys all of the waterbodies on mine sites with each mine survey update.

Waterbody outlines derived from the precision satellite ortho photo.

In temperate climatic zones, the majority of the mine site waterbodies are due to accumulations of surface or ground water in topographic lows. As snow and ice melt during spring, there can be thousands of these water bodies on large mine sites. Surveying of the waterbodies enables us to replace the waterbody elevations with the bare ground elevations from the most recent surveying prior to the water accumulation.

Waterbody outlines are provided in ArcGIS, Autocad and a variety of other vector polygon formats.

Satellite surveying of Tailings Beaches.

PhotoSat can continuously monitor large tailings ponds and provide water level information corresponding to the date and time of each satellite photo. Pond surface and beach slope elevations are used to determine the beach lines on the tailings ponds.