How long does it take to receive a PhotoSat Survey?

PhotoSat delivers 100km2 repeat mine site surveys within five days of the satellite pass

For repeat surveying of mine sites, PhotoSat delivers critical mine areas such as sand dumps within two days of the satellite pass. The entire mine site survey is usually delivered within five days of the satellite pass.

Areas up to 200km2 being surveyed for the first time are usually delivered within two weeks of the satellite photo date

For areas up to 200km2 that are being surveyed for the first time, PhotoSat usually delivers the survey data within two weeks of the satellite pass. If there are suitable satellite photos in the archive with dates that work for your project we don’t have to wait for new satellite photos. We can start the processing when you place your order. Surveying with archive satellite photos is discussed below.

New satellite photos usually take a few days in arid areas away from zones of armed conflict

Satellite photos of arid areas such as Northern Mexico, Northern Chile and Mauritania usually collect within two weeks.

New satellite photos can take several months in zones of armed conflict

Satellite photos in zones of armed conflict such as Iraq, Syria, and Sudan can take months to collect. National government satellite photo orders take priority over commercial orders. Areas bordering zones of armed conflict are affected as the satellites can photograph the ground up to 300km from their horizontal location.

Perpetually cloudy areas can take months to collect

Even when we task multiple satellites, perpetual cloudy areas of the world such as Colombia, NE Brazil, Equatorial Guinea and Sumatra can take months to have a cloud free day.

When you are in a hurry archive “cross track” satellite photos may work for you

The best quality PhotoSat surveys are made using “in line” stereo satellite photos. These are stereo satellite photos where the two “legs” of the stereo pair are taken within about one minute. In this case the atmospheric conditions are identical for the two photos. The shadows on the ground are also nearly identical.

When you are in a hurry and no in line archive stereo pairs cover your project area, PhotoSat can usually survey the area with “cross track” stereo satellite photos. These are combinations of satellite photos of the same ground area taken on different days. The atmospheric conditions and the shadows will vary between the days. This means that there is often lower accuracy and resolution for the PhotoSat cross track surveys compared to the inline surveys.

Using 3 ground survey points per 100km2 PhotoSat in line surveys are always more accurate than 30cm in elevation. PhotoSat cross track surveys range in accuracy from 20cm to 60cm in elevation. They are usually more accurate than 50cm.

No bureaucratic delays waiting for access permission or surveying permits

There is no requirement anywhere in the world for permits to acquire satellite photos. Consequently PhotoSat can survey everywhere in the world with no local permits or presence. There may be no local knowledge that the project has been surveyed.

For more information, contact PhotoSat at info@photosat.ca or -1-604-681-9770

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