Volume Measurement

To measure volume changes at a site, we compare two or more PhotoSat surveys from different dates. If there is only one PhotoSat survey available, we can also use good quality drone, LiDAR, or ground surveys.

There are several applications for volume measurements:

  • Monitoring tailings deposition
  • Measuring volume changes for leach pads and ore stockpiles
  • Volume reconciliation
  • Cut and fill volumes

Product Accuracy & Specifications

Our volume measurements have with the following specifications:

Accuracy (vertical) <15 cm RMSE
Accuracy (volume) <1-2% error
Available for
  • Engineering Survey Package
  • Recurring Survey Package
Included in Tailings History Package

Delivery Time

We can determine volume changes after we have the necessary survey data. Delivery times may vary.


This add-on product is covered by a custom quote.