Water Body Outlines

For many types of sites, keeping track of surface water is important. As an add-on product, we can provide detailed water body outlines. By analyzing satellite photos with color band filtering, we can produce accurate and detailed boundaries around surface water.

This includes:

  • Man-made: tailings facilities, holding ponds, reservoirs, and more
  • Natural: streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes
  • Seasonal: accumulation from heavy rainfall, flooding, or snow melt

Product Accuracy & Specifications

Water body outlines the following specifications:

Accuracy (vertical) <15 cm RMSE
Outline 1 px
Water body elevation On request
Water body area (km2) On request
Available for Engineering Survey Package

Recurring Survey Package

Delivery Time

We produce water body outlines concurrently with the other deliverables in your survey or mapping package. The length of time to deliver the outlines depends on:

  • Total size of the survey or mapping area
  • Number and complexity of water bodies in the area
  • Snow or ice cover


This add-on product is covered by a custom quote.