About Satellite Mapping

Reliable mapping data is a cornerstone in project management. Feasibility studies, mine planning, and exploration – these are just a few applications where engineering professionals require accurate mapping data. With over 1,200 projects completed since 2007, gathering topographical data is PhotoSat’s expertise. Satellite mapping is fast and safe, with no logistical challenges to overcome.

Many industries rely on quality topographical data

Every project comes with unique challenges. In all phases, a project’s efficiency can rest on the availability of reliable mapping data. Many methods exist for capturing topographical data. Aerial mapping can produce excellent results, and ground surveying is practical for small sites. But when sites are large or remote, conventional mapping methods are often slow or subject to frustrating logistical challenges.

Low quality mapping data leads to delays and costs

Mapping delays can disrupt project planning or lengthen the project timelines. By investing in quality maps at the start, it is possible to use them through multiple stages of a project.

For large or remote sites, PhotoSat satellite mapping is fast and reliable

Satellite-sourced mapping data can shorten project timelines and facilitate efficient project management. PhotoSat has vast experience satellite mapping, delivering fast and reliable results. We are:

  • Fast. PhotoSat mapping is an efficient and practical method for large or remote areas. A satellite can cover hundreds of square kilometers in a single pass.
  • Global. Borders, permits, or logistics do not affect satellites. Therefore, it is relatively easy to map areas through satellite. We have completed projects in more than 75 countries, with exceptional consistency between countries.
  • Reliable. Each PhotoSat satellite map is produced by the same team of professionals using the same methods and equipment. PhotoSat maps are reliable and can be repeated, at almost any location on the globe.