Satellite Mapping Ensures Reliable Data

PhotoSat’s high accuracy elevation data is used for mine feasibility studies, construction cut and fill volume calculations, reserve and resource estimates, drill hole planning, and project base mapping. A modest investment in high accuracy elevation mapping eliminates expensive resurveying at the drilling, reserves calculation, feasibility, and construction stages.

High Quality, Accurate And Cost-effective

Mining exploration projects require engineering quality topographic surveying. PhotoSat’s geophysicists apply signal enhancement, noise attenuation, and image matching from seismic data processing to systematically produce highly accurate elevation grids from stereo satellite photos. 

PhotoSat has found that in general practice, surveying data is thought to be more accurate than 20 cm. We have found that mapping data is generally thought to be less accurate than 1 m. In our experience the transition between the surveying and mapping applications is somewhere between 30 cm and 50 cm vertical accuracy.

With Photosat, You Can Avoid Costly Delays

Serious, costly delays can occur due to undetected survey errors. Unique among mining project survey methods, PhotoSat surveying uses an initial process and reference system that is independent of ground surveying. This enables us to detect possible errors and inconsistencies in the existing project ground survey data that may be undetected by other survey methods. Mining project survey errors can be prevented, detected or corrected, depending on project status and development stage. 

Available across the globe, our satellite surveys are clear and easy to understand

Satellite surveys are available for property locations across the globe. Deliverables are provided in a clear, easy to understand format allowing resource companies to communicate report findings to stakeholders.