Photosat Mapping Deliverables 1.5M Accuracy

1.5m vertical accuracy, 3m elevation grid from SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 satellite photos

  • 1.5m vertical accuracy, 3m elevation grid of the visible earth surface (DEM/DSM)
  • 1.5m pixel precision colour satellite ortho photo
  • 2m contours (5m, 10m, and 50m contours)
  • Colour elevation image (in areas of sparse vegetation)
  • Direction of slope image (in areas of sparse vegetation)

Available Formats

  • Contours: 3D ArcGIS Shapefile or 2D MapInfo or 3D DWG
  • Elevation grid: Floating Point GeoTIFF or .MIG (MapInfo compatible) or ASCII XYZ
  • Colour Image: GeoTIFF
  • Additional formats are available; please let us know which format you require.

License Agreement

  • Airbus: Pleiades End-User License Agreement
  • PhotoSat General Terms of Sale

Accuracy & Ground Control

PhotoSat’s 3m elevation grids have been demonstrated to have a relative vertical accuracy of 1.0m to 2.0m and a relative horizontal accuracy of 2.0m over horizontal distances of 10km. See PhotoSat mapping overview for more details on mapping accuracy.

To achieve 2.0m RMSE absolute accuracy, a minimum of three surveyed ground control points accurate to better than 20cm are required for areas up to 500km². For larger projects, we request one ground control point every additional 500km². In the absence of ground control points the relative accuracy specifications apply and absolute accuracy is expected to be better than 5m RMSE. See PhotoSat ground control guidelines for more details on surveying ground control points.

See PhotoSat Surveying Deliverables for 15cm to 30cm accuracy