When it comes to resource development and infrastructure projects, accuracy and reliability of survey data is crucial. Since 2007, PhotoSat has completed more than 1,200 elevation surveying projects globally. Professionals from many industries have a pressing need for accurate survey data. Satellite surveying offers a fast, safe and practical way to achieve this.

Survey data is crucial to many industries

No two projects are alike. From mining operations to remote infrastructure projects, the need for reliable data with engineering-quality results is apparent. While other survey methods can provide reliable results over small areas, those survey methods can be slow, error-prone or fraught with logistical challenges. This is especially true for large or remote sites.

Delays in surveying can disrupt planning or operations, which can in turn lead to unwelcome costs or risks.

Delays and costs can arise from poor quality survey data

Without accurate survey data, projects can grind to a halt or see frustrating delays. Worse, low quality survey data may lead to decisions with serious consequences. History shows us a long list of tragedies that resulted from decisions based on poor quality survey data.

PhotoSat satellite surveying is accurate and fast for large or remote sites

Using high quality survey data can shorten project timelines and facilitate efficient project management. PhotoSat is a leader in satellite surveying, delivering fast and reliable results. We are:

  • Accurate. Using high quality survey data can shorten project timelines and facilitate best practices in management or operations. Our survey data is highly accurate, and we regularly publish accuracy studies to demonstrate this. These studies are available at no cost.
  • Fast. For large or remote sites, PhotoSat surveys are extremely fast. With no barriers from permits or ground logistics, we can complete surveys quickly without compromising on quality. In a single pass, a satellite can cover hundreds of square kilometers.
  • Global. Satellites are not restricted by barriers like borders, permits, or logistics. As a result, it is relatively easy to coordinate a satellite survey. We have completed surveys in more than 75 countries, with exacting standards of accuracy and consistency between countries.
  • Reliable. Each PhotoSat satellite survey comes from the same team of professionals working with the same equipment. This consistency eliminates variables that can cause errors or leave gaps in survey data. PhotoSat surveys are reliable and repeatable, almost anywhere in the world.