Products and Options

PhotoSat offers a range of satellite survey products with a variety of options.

Survey Size and Location

PhotoSat conducts elevation surveys starting from 25 km2. Our largest survey covered approximately 8,000 km2.

Except small areas around each pole, PhotoSat can complete surveys anywhere in the world. We have completed projects in more than 75 countries.

Survey Frequency

  • One-time: Some of our clients require a one-time survey.
  • Repeat: We can also conduct repeat surveys, up to twice per month. Many operating mines or active oil sands projects use repeat surveys to measure volume changes or monitor tailings facilities.

Options for Large Files

When surveying certain types of terrain, the files can be enormous. PhotoSat offers thinned grid formats, which makes opening and working with these files much easier.

Standard Satellite Survey Package

Our standard survey package includes:

Deliverable Purpose Example
Orthophoto High resolution natural colour orthophotos are colour balanced, mosaicked, and atmospherically compensated.
Bare Earth Survey Grid This is a survey grid with elevation values every meter.
Contour 1 m contours are derived from the survey, using a custom algorithm to smooth noise while preserving topographic detail.
Colour Elevation The photo is coloured, shaded, and highlighted to clearly show the survey details. Blue is low elevation and red is high elevation.
Slope Direction Image Slope direction photos enhance the surface expressions of geological structures. North facing slopes are bright, south facing are dark, east facing are blue and west facing are gold.

Additional Deliverables

Many clients, especially those with operating mines, require services to measure ore volumes and monitor tailings facilities.

We offer these additional deliverables:

Deliverable Description Example
Mine Site Toes and Crest Satellite surveying of mine site toes and crests improves mine safety.
Mine Site Volume Reconciliation By comparing two elevation surveys, we can precisely measure volumes with an exact time/date stamp.
Water Body Polygons For operating mines and oil sands projects, PhotoSat can survey all of the water bodies on a site.
Dam Breach Studies To complete a dam breach study, PhotoSat can complete detailed topographical surveys of inundation areas near tailings facilities.