Survey Package Details and Options

PhotoSat’s satellite survey products are equivalent to DEM/DTMs.

Standard Survey Package

The following deliverables are part of the Standard Survey Package:

Standard Deliverable Available Format(s) Options
Orthophoto GeoTIFF Colour or grayscale
1 m elevation grid Floating Point GeoTIFF

MapInfo Grid


15 cm accuracy

30 cm accuracy

Contour 3D ArcGIS Shapefile

2D MapInfo


Available contour intervals:

  • 50 cm
  • 1 m
  • 5 m
  • 10 m
  • 50 m
Colour elevation GeoTIFF n/a
Slope direction GeoTIFF n/a

Optional thinned grid formats

When PhotoSat completes elevation surveys over large areas, the file size can be enormous. To make it easier to open and work with large files, we offer thinned grid formats.

With thinned grids, we remove adjacent points if they have the same elevation. This eliminates redundancy in the data set. The remaining elevation points still form an accurate data set, but the result is a smaller file size.

Thinned grids are especially useful for terrain with low grade slopes, since surveying this type of terrain usually produces more points with the exact same elevation.

Optional Deliverables

In addition to the Standard Survey Package, we also offer:

Mine toes and crests

Hazardous terrain – both natural and manmade – is a reality for many mine sites. We offer detailed surveying of mine toes and crests to pinpoint physical drop-offs and potential rock fall zones in your site. These can be used to improve site safety for employees and equipment, without exposing drone or ground surveyors to the physical risks of these features.

Volume measurement

Precise volume measurement is necessary for invoicing and monthly reporting. Through repeat satellite surveys, our volume measurement is an accurate way of obtaining measurements for:

  • Mined ore volumes
  • Tailings facility capacity and freeboard
  • Cut and fill volumes

All volume measurements are time and date stamped.

Water bodies

For operating mines and oil sands projects, we offer detailed outlines of all surface water. This includes both tailings ponds and naturally occurring water bodies.

Dam breach studies

For mine sites with tailings facilities, we offer topographical surveys of inundation areas. These surveys are an important input for thorough dam breach studies. They make it possible to project likely impacts of potential dam breaches, such as flow arrival times, deposition depths, and inundation areas.